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Community Listening Session: The Coventry PEACE Building In-Person

All parties recognize the significant contributions of both the Heights Libraries and the nonprofits currently housed in the Coventry PEACE building. This event is about the future of the building itself, not about the work of these organizations. If you are interested in solutions, please join us! Moderated by Sarah Wolf from FutureHeights and Gloria Craig.


  1. PEACE building timeline
  2. PEACE Building Survey Results
  3. Public comments
  4. Next steps



  1. We are gathering to help build off the survey data collected (and that’s still being collected) so Heights Libraries can make community-informed recommendations to their Board of Directors about the Coventry PEACE building.
  2. All parties recognize the significant community contributions of both Heights Libraries and all of the nonprofits currently housed in Coventry PEACE – tonight is not about the work of these organizations but about the future of the building known as Coventry PEACE.
  3. Meeting attendee comments will be limited to one per person per topic with a time limit of 2 minutes.  There will be four topics, meaning approximately 8 comments per question posed to the group.
  4. Step up, step back.  While some may be attending just to listen, we want to honor the time everyone took to be present and want to be able to hear as many different viewpoints as possible. 
  5. There will not be Q&A  – instead, we are here to listen and learn.
  6. If you have questions or additional comments that we aren’t able to get to, you may add them in our “Parking Lot.”  Heights Libraries will be sending out follow up materials after the conversation that may address those questions you might have.
  7. Civility rules. Listen to understand.
  8. No final decisions or determinations will be made on July 24.
  9. The moderators will be moderating!  They will be responsible for notifying you when your time is up.  If any of the Ground Rules are deemed in violation, they will communicate that as well.  Mostly, they are here to keep the dialogue – and the evening – flowing.
  10. Please be aware that the conversation will be recorded.


  • Reminder: 2 minutes per person per response – there will be time for approximately 8 public comments per question

Q1 - Do you think Heights Libraries funds are well-spent on Coventry PEACE Building upkeep and maintenance or do you prefer Heights Library funds be utilized supporting/expanding their own programming and services?

  • The total funds currently projected to be invested by Heights Libraries in the Coventry PEACE building from 2024-2026 is around $2.8 million.

Q2 - Do you think the Coventry PEACE building being utilized as a nonprofit hub is its best use or do you think the space/land could be used in another productive manner?  If so, how? 

  • Over 50% of survey respondents preferred Heights Libraries find a viable alternate, non-profit, public or educational use for the building while about 20% preferred demolishing the building and to expand the park.  

Q3 - If the determination was made to demolish the building, would you prefer an expansion of the mini-urban forest or keeping the land a lawn or meadow?

  • Over 52%  of survey respondents preferred enlarging the Mini-Urban Forest that was recently created behind the building while 32% preferred enlarging the open area with lawn or meadow. 
  • We respect that there are those who do not prefer the building be demolished but we ask that comments be focused on those who would support an expansion of the Coventry PEACE Park or other uses for the land.

Q4 - Tonight, we’ve talked about how you prefer Heights Libraries spends funds in regard to Coventry PEACE as well as best use of the building and the land.  We want to conclude now by creating a space for alternative suggestions.  Please limit your remarks to productive uses of the land or the building. 




Wednesday, July 24, 2024
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Time Zone:
Eastern Time - US & Canada (change)
Brody Nelson, Room A, Room B
Lee Road
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